Selling Tips

When you have made your decision to sell your property, there will be some challenging situations that lay ahead of you. Always keep in mind though, that it is going to be one of the most rewarding and ultimately profitable experiences one can enjoy.

Harrods Real Estate has developed a strategy & procedure that will give you a stress free, professional & eventually, a rewarding experience.

There are several factors for you to take into consideration when you have decided to sell your property:-

  1. Presentation of your property
  2. Recent sales in your area
  3. Which agent?
  4. Method of sale
  5. Pricing your property

Presentation Of Your Property
This is a most critical factor when you are trying to achieve the highest price possible for your property. Too many people do not take this as serious as they should.

The process of buying real estate is divided into two distinct areas, to live in or to buy as an investment. When you buy to live in, emotion is a strong part of the buying process. With investment, returns, figures, etc, are a strong part of the buying process.

Presentation is about 70% of the selling process. Therefore, presentation is a major concern.

It is of utmost important then to have your property looking the best it can when it is placed on the open market for sale. When getting your property prepared for sale look at things like:-

  • General maintenance
  • Lawns & gardens to be kept mowed & weeded
  • Gates, doors, etc to be all working well
  • Cracked glass
  • Animal & smoke odours
  • Dripping taps
  • Paint walls, etc if in a bad state
  • Unclutter rooms
  • Remove mould, etc from shower recess

Recent Sales In Your Area
This is very important, as the value of your property is in direct comparison to the most recent sales in your area. This also helps in your selection of an agent to market your property.

You can search our most recent sales to help you get a feel of price before you arrange for your Harrods Real Estate sales consultant to give you a market appraisal on your property.

Which Agent?
It is important that you choose an agent that is active, honest, ethical & moral in their dealings, this way you know you will be given the best professional service at all times.

Harrods Real Estate is the longest serving real estate agents in Shellharbour City and is proudly known as the “Shellharbour City Specialists”.

There is only one choice in real estate agents – that’s “HARRODS REAL ESTATE”.

Method Of Sale
You have three choices when it comes to marketing your property:-

  • Private Treaty
  • Public Auction
  • Public Tender

Each and every one has it own set of advantages & disadvantages but your Harrods Real Estate sales consultant can inform you of the best method of sale that will help you achieve the highest price possible for your property.

Remember, not any one method is the best, but there is one that is best for your property.

Pricing Your Property
Now this is the most important element in the sale of your property. Placing the property onto the market at a too high or too low price can cause you major concern.

If the property is marketed at a price that is too high, then it will be used to sell other properties & then become stale in the market. If you price the property too low, then you will never know how much money you have lost.

History tells us that no matter what type the property is, the property will not sell until the asking (marketing) price is about 3%-5% above the “Market Value” of the property.

Market Value is not set by the agent or seller, it is set buy the purchaser.

For you to achieve the highest price possible, the asking price should be set within this margin & then marketed aggressively by your agent.